In Parada de Sil – Ourense

Ribeira sacra


How to Reach?


  • Public transport:

It can be reached by bus from Ourense, regrettably, no daily or weekend.

  • GPS: I will not always send the best route, is best to follow these instructions. In any case these are the coordinates: -7,5472110/42,377157.

To get from northern Galicia, podeis hacerlo from Monforte from the SC.
From Monforte de Lemos you have to look for the 601 Lu-Castro Caldelas road and after crossing the river Sil, The ived in a deflection to take it to the derecha Teixeira, and then continue to save Sil, although the house is already before.

From Ourense Come out if you arrive by highway by the center and follow directions of Ribeira Sacra SUR that will leave at the beginning of the OU- 536 a Trives. Keep up Vilariño Cold, there is a left turn to Parada do Sil. Parada do Sil When you reach the road to continue teneis 5Km. until you reach Chandrexa.

Si Venis Madrid you can exit the freeway Xinzo of Limia, by the output 193, avoiding the city of Ourense and arriving back roads, Xinzo to Vilar de Barrio and then Maceda, thence Couso Alto do that is in the OU-536 Trives direction is taken and are already the same directions as from Ourense.

Here you can see the location, or if you click on the link, Google Maps will open to lead you as a GPS navigator to our facilities:

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