• Land: Mushroom, Hiking – trekking, Tourism.
  • Water: Canoeing, Boat tours, Fishing.
  • Workshops: Courses and workshops, Watching wildlife.
  • Agricultural: a pair of hands is always that you do in the garden

Hiking: there is a long distance footpath, the “Transourensán”, passing a few meters from the house. El Ayto. Parada de Sil has three well-marked trails, hermosísimos, not disappoint any stroller; addition to the spectacular gangway the Rio Mao. There are more routes marked in neighboring municipalities and you can find Wikiloc (from the house: = REITORALDECHANDREXA

BTT: Hai un Centro BTT Ribeira Sacra, with 5 rutas ben sinalizadas polos concellos de Parada de Sil e Nogueira de Ramuín; a Ruta 3 pasa mesmo pola casa. Toda a información en : = gl_ES

The Río Sil (a 3 km. House) offers the possibility of crossing canoe you can rent the house: 30€-time / 50€ all day; or in the shipping who make regular routes, from among 1 and 3 hours . The house is situated in the middle of the path between two piers, about 30 minutes each. If you are also interested in wine: Walks in the Sil Brendan with wine tasting and visit to Bodega Algueira. Doade – LUGO
Tfnos.: 982 410 299 – 698 171 168

There are also bathing areas to relieve the heat of the summer days.

About artisans next offer basketry workshops and TEJIDOS tinged naturales: We can also arrange a visit to a cattle farm where they make goat cheese or to the nearest winery

You can see the daily work of a home village, depending on the season in which we are:

  • In winter: strains and fruit are pruned, killing is done, wine and spirits, make soap… and in the garden and some early sowings are made: garlic, cebolletas, green peas, etc..
  • In the spring: be working the land to plant potatoes, corn and summer vegetables; unwanted grasses require a lot of dedication.
  • In summer: gather the vegetables, we preserved all year, jams, juices; collect medicinal herbs and.
  • In Autumn: begins with vintage and Castañeira, some crops and mushroom picking.

If you come with children / girls, They especially enjoy the daily care of the animals: chickens, pigs and horses, which are also part of the cycle of bringing home and feeding of surplus manure from the garden

You can join in the activities scheduled: workshop jams and liqueurs, mycological magosto, vintage

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