Our Kitchen

We believe in organic farming, food self-sufficiency, the local economy, fair trade and sustainable tourism. With these criteria, and always seeking the highest quality, we offer traditional or vegetarian menus created from raw materials produced in the house and in the area, and distinctly seasonal.

The orchard gives us all their variety and many seasonal foods that are preserved, and a cereal, corn, a beautiful and tasty variety: the Camillo raven. With fruit are produced juices and jams and abundance of chestnuts preserve it in the traditional way, dried in sequeiro. Excellent nuts also are used in our bakery, and fondness for mushrooms and adequate weather Dispensed us delicious variety.

With the Celtic Pork, raised outdoors, slow growth and extraordinary quality meat, sausages and ham are made.

Buy, from the organic farming, cereals, pasta, vegetables, flour, oil, sugar cane and coffee, the latter two are well Fair Trade. The spring water is.

Meat veal, native breed caldelá, comes from a local organic livestock, Montederramo.

The pan the house is made with wheat flour (and sometimes rye) organic farming, crushed stone mill. The bran is extracted partially. Knead with lévedo (sourdough), to, and spring water. It is baked in a traditional wood oven.

The wine red house, homemade, comes from grapes grown with organic management from 2003, varieties of Mencia, brancellao, garnacha y jerez.

The cheese: that of cow It comes from an organic livestock in Palas de Rei (Lugo), Creamy and "turnip" the D.O. Arzúa-Ulloa: http://www.arqueixal.com. the of goat Touzabella, although not ecological, committed to the, because it is a local product, craftsman and high quality http://www.touzavella.com/; and we bring ecological Leon, http://quesoslapresa.com/, Soft or cured paste cellar.


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