Organic farming is the cultivation of the land respecting the soil, animals and plants, without treatment or chemical fertilizers, seed and not manipulated by industry, food so tasty and healthy seasonal occur.

The House agriculture is highly diversified, and includes a plot for vegetables, other fruit (especially small fruits: raspberry, currant and blueberry), Outdoor pig Celtic, a plot of vineyard, soutos (castañares) and walnut. A modern project of self-sufficiency in an old country smallholdings. All plots are included in the Regulatory Council of Agriculture Ecolóxica of Galicia. Currently we only sell the productions of chestnuts and walnuts, excellent quality. The rest of the production goes to the dining room of the house.

If you come with children / girls, They especially enjoy the daily care of the animals: chickens, Horses and pigs, that are also part of the cycle of bringing home and feeding of surplus manure from the garden.

Walnuts and chestnuts are sold directly in the building or can be sent home, to any city in the Spanish state, in the latter case the price will vary according to the delivery system. You can make your order by telephone, email fax.

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